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The No 1 Dovzhenko Street design provides open-space 
layouts for the four office floors. This concept is the best 
for contemporary business centres and allows the new 
owners of the building to create their own interior.
The modern frame structure of the building allows to use 
the space of its rooms as efficiently as possible.
The design creates a lobby that includes an elegant 
vestibule and lift halls and makes it possible to place a 
wide open staircase. 
The rooms around the vestibule and the hall have an 
excellent natural illumination and can be used for any 
purpose from fireplace lounges and banquet halls to 
office areas and residences. A peculiarity of the top floor 
is its panoramic glazing that allows to create a winter 
garden there.
Two underground floors of the mansion are to be used as 
a technical area and parking.